Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Marinara sauce with Jack

Jack came to see is last Friday. Laur and I had been to the maceys cooking class that morning and saw a demo on making marinara sauce and breadsticks. I hadn't planned on making anything that afternoon, but went by the old house and picked fresh tomatoes and basil to make the recipe. I was happily surprised with how many tomatoes I found. That poor garden is kinda crazy, but it's producing pretty well.
I later made breadsticks. The kind you roll out in the pan, spread on mayo, butter, garlic and parm cheese (if you want) before you put it in the oven. It was a great success with Jacob Joseph Steve and David, breadsticks and sauce- perfect summer evening snack.

It's a grandma thing

The home (Lehi home) grown goods

The end result

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A new favorite thing

The Sobe drinks were on sale recently and I tried one on a whim. This one has gone from a blind try to a favorite in one taste. I do love Fuji apples. I went back before the sale was over and stocked up :)

A good thing

I feel like a whiner for not appreciating the stone floors in this new place. Travertine is what it is called I think.
I always have cold feet, and the stone does not help. I've been wearing my flip flops most of the time to keep off the stone. Well today I got a rug for the soft wood floor in the family room, and they threw in this runner as well. SO happy!! The work area of the kitchen is stone , but for now I'm just thrilled with the hall taken care of!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Our Friday

Since David has been burning the candle at both ends recently, he got off of work a little early on Friday. Joseph had made an appointment for us to meet with an admissions councilor at a college he was interested it. I wasn't *thrilled* to go but I figured anything that will help him get through this last year of high school is a good thing. We met David at the Art Institute Of Salt Lake. The 2 hour talk was impressive yet a little weird on the -sales pitch- the real shocker was the tuition. 20,000 a year for the culinary program. ahhhhhhh well...... We're going to have to look around--- TWENTY THOUSAND!!!???

Well Joseph took off to a Jack Johnson concert that he had won tickets too and David and I went off to hunt for an area rug. Our soft wood floor is getting beat up. We need a rug 10X14. We didn't find anything but we did stop to get a bite to eat. We actually visited with a chef at the "institute" and he said he liked to eat at Tiburon, Log Haven and Epic. We tried Epic. My opinion is it wasn't that epic. Everything it seemed was cooked with some alcohol- I know it cooks out but I don't even want to taste it-our dinner? - it was ok. Don't think we'll go there again~~~~ whatever. We looked a little bit more for rugs without success, but came home and watched The Fugitive--- if you know me you know that translates to David watched and I fell asleep :). So there it is--- our friday

Sunday, August 8, 2010

It took some looking around

I've finally found a few things I really like to decorate my home. We've gotten a few pieces of furniture from a consignment shop in AF. I found very little there as far as home accessories go. I really am far too practical. I think the right thing to put on a kitchen counter is the phonebook with a little container of pens and some paper. I am so picky in finding things I like that between my over practical mind, lack of being able to find anything I like in the right price range, I usually end up with the boring and cluttered practical look. My friend Michelle is being a great example and, unbeknownst to her, shes nudging me forward in finding things I like. I looked at the furniture stores, some consignment stores, pier 1, thai pan trading (the smaller store in the mall) with very little to be impressed with. Many things were
-ok-, some not even ok and over priced for something that we are just going to look at. WELL... I went by Rodworks on the way home from Kyle and Kimbers wedding and was so so so happy to see things that really called to me. The little plate, dish thing and vase really really know my name! I went ahead and bought them the next day. I'm not sure the arrangement is right with the lantern, but even if not- I like all the pieces so much it doesn't matter where they go in my home. I need to find some greenery that is priced well and then clear off the bill-paying-station at the end of this table then this room will be done! If you know any other hot spot for me to check out- let me know. Next time I'll tell you about the great carpet find Jess clues me in on!

A few more things

The little tree came from a consignment shop right by Rodworks. I couldn't leave the store without it.