Saturday, August 14, 2010

Our Friday

Since David has been burning the candle at both ends recently, he got off of work a little early on Friday. Joseph had made an appointment for us to meet with an admissions councilor at a college he was interested it. I wasn't *thrilled* to go but I figured anything that will help him get through this last year of high school is a good thing. We met David at the Art Institute Of Salt Lake. The 2 hour talk was impressive yet a little weird on the -sales pitch- the real shocker was the tuition. 20,000 a year for the culinary program. ahhhhhhh well...... We're going to have to look around--- TWENTY THOUSAND!!!???

Well Joseph took off to a Jack Johnson concert that he had won tickets too and David and I went off to hunt for an area rug. Our soft wood floor is getting beat up. We need a rug 10X14. We didn't find anything but we did stop to get a bite to eat. We actually visited with a chef at the "institute" and he said he liked to eat at Tiburon, Log Haven and Epic. We tried Epic. My opinion is it wasn't that epic. Everything it seemed was cooked with some alcohol- I know it cooks out but I don't even want to taste it-our dinner? - it was ok. Don't think we'll go there again~~~~ whatever. We looked a little bit more for rugs without success, but came home and watched The Fugitive--- if you know me you know that translates to David watched and I fell asleep :). So there it is--- our friday

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