Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Beautiful People

I have a new friend that I visit teach. She actually knows Laura from AF hospital so we had an instant connection. Its great that I get to VT her. We went out on Monday and she asked about me and my missionaries. I told her the basics and she was so awesome. She was so kind and loving. Later that day, she sent me this quote that is a new favorite.

"The most beautiful people we have known are those who have known defeat,
known suffering, known struggle, known loss, and have found their way out of
the depths. These persons have an appreciation, a sensitivity, and an
understanding of life that fills them with compassion, gentleness, and a deep
loving concern. Beautiful people do not just happen."
--- Elizabeth Kubler Ross

I instantly thought of the most beautiful people I know, my Mom and other family members and close friends, and found out their secret. I knew I had to share this beautiful inspiring quote.

Friday, January 27, 2012

By their fruits ye shall know them

This past week was much longer and more difficult than I expected. I wont go into detail on everything, but Joseph was not able to make it to the MTC on Wednesday as expected. As of last night he was released as a full time missionary. He still has the opportunity to serve in Florida when he and the Bishop decide its time.

Since Wednesday morning we have had a couple of different responses. Mostly there has been an out pouring of love and support. There has been some anger, and disappointment and even some anti Mormon ideas thrown at Joseph. The love and acceptance from our family, and the Bishop and stake president have been monumental. Some brave souls have even come to Joseph to offer love and kindness. That is HUGE for this mama. Of course we wanted Joseph to go on Wednesday, Of course we want him to go when "the time is right"--- but my biggest fear is that he will be treated poorly and slowly walk away from the church.

Which leads me to the question- Have I helped or hurt others when the shoe is on the other foot? It is awkward to know what to say, it is not what any one planned. What I have seen help in the last 48 hours is people that express love and confidence with out asking prying questions, and letting Joseph know he is okay with them regardless of his choice.

David, Joseph and I have had several scriptures come to mind over the last few days. When I saw the onslaught of responses on fb to his not going into the MTC, it came over and over to mind, "Ye shall know them by their fruits" We've mostly seen angels with beautiful kind and loving Christ like "fruit", but we have seen the dark and ugly and destructive as well.
I'm learning anew how to share loving fruit and be a true disciple of Christ.
Thank you to those that read my blog and have shown support for our family. It is really weird and different than we expected. But the battle is the Lords. I can only hope to be a help and not a hurt.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Not just coincidence.

My sweet friend Penny is the YW president in our Highland ward. She is awesome and though just a little further on the path than I am is such a great role model for me. She is funny and classy and really likes the color pink. She gave all of the YW leaders a little pink reading schedule for the Book Of Mormon for Christmas. Yes, yes, I am behind generally (as in I didn't start on Jan 1, more like Jan 17) but here is the card for Jan 23, Jacob 5.
The President Benson quote spoke to my heart. Why is it a bit harder this time?

The last one in the nest

Chinese new year began yesterday so we went to the second annual Chinese New Year celebration last night at LHS. Here's Jacob performing his abilities with the diablo. He was so fun to watch, and the drums were so awesome too... It was a fun night

Oh my heart!

Shirt and tie party

So shopping for an elder is different than shopping for a Hermana. I call it the Christmas shopping theory. Some people are fine shopping for Christmas the day before the big day--- typically men. Women, including me, would rather have the whole thing wrapped up (literally) before Dec 15, if not earlier-
So it is with Joseph and me in this missionary physical prep. So early on, I had to take some control and we knocked out all the shirts at once, ya know, one stop, not too painful for the Elder. So that meant that our traditional "Shirt and Tie Party" became just a tie party. But Joseph totally scored!!
I have a very generous and loving family, not enough words to really describe my gratitude.

Sunday January 22- part of my letter to AJ says it all

We got to church just 5 min early, but the place was packed and as we walked in, I saw all the Haws side sitting together in two of the short benches in the side. It was so heart warming. I gave a few hugs, then went to find where Kim and Jacob were sitting. I saw President and Sister Raines then the Dixons- that got me weepy. Later the Fuestons came in. Jacobs buds from the Lehi ward were there-- it was really good, along with many guys Joseph's age. Randalls family, Cheryl, Garrett and Jenny and Clark and Sara were
there too. I know it wasn't about me, but I felt so blessed to have such a strong and numerous family. They are my people and in a way, my safety net. It was very touching.
Joseph gave a great talk with humor and much deep spirituality. I know he was worried, but he pulled it off beautifully. To add to the happiness one of the cute laurels was on the program too and they sat by each other. It was kind of like a date. ;)

Angie pope and Natalie Pixton both miamaids came to my class even though I wasn't teaching. They are beautiful girls. Some of the others went to our house during the last two hours of church, and honestly we missed Sunday school for all the visiting we did. But those that went home prepared the food under Jacobs instruction, so that was awesome for me. All the buddies played ping pong and ate downstairs while family pretty much stayed near the kitchen. It was all great and i think the day was perfect for Joseph. We ended with the shirt and tie party at the grands. They hadn't been able to make it to highland.
It was good! Not too crazy.

Friday we went with Joseph to do sealings which got me weepy again. To realize again I am sealed to both of these wonderful men is very very humbling and very tender.

Joseph just came up to is in tears of gratitude and some apprehension but his is faithful and stronger than he realizes.

It will be an interesting week but I look forward to your letter and update tomorrow . Hope your baptism is still on for next week.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

It started with pinterest

A while ago I saw a cute cuddly minky/silky baby blanket on pinterest. I was sure it would be too tricky for me to make, but soon my sister Holly was whipping one up. Her new grandbaby had just arrived. With some coaching from Holly, I decided to try it. Hobby lobby had the best price on fabric. With Hollys advise I decided not to try and do it all at once. I was able to get it done for our little family baby shower a few days before tiny girl came. So here it is. It's not perfect but it is very soft.

An "at this moment" picture I sent to Aubrey

Got it done

Thursday, January 19, 2012

He's smiling now

A fight?

The other day I was in the basement sewing. Well I was sitting on the couch down there so I must have been picking out sewing.
Sorry forgot to set this up right. Tuesday night Jacob came home from the y m activity. He wasn't really feeling part of this ward. To add to the burden he found out that rumors were being spread about him at LHS. Completely false rumors. So he was really down. We made a medicinal trip to applebys for their warm chocolate
Chip cookie with ice cream dessert. (David was in Houston). Jacob talked a lot to me and seemed to feel better.
Now skip ahead to Wednesday afternoon. Joseph and I are talking downstairs and we hear some one moving around upstairs. I said "is that Jacob?" Joseph said I think so and he looked up the stairs from the landing. Then he looked at me. Then he looked back up the stairs and said "what happened?". Slowly Jacob came down the stairs very seriously. He looked like he had a burn or abrasion on his neck and bleeding something on his forehead, and bruises and wounds on his other arm. I immediately thought he had been in a fight. A fight??? A fist fight? It's never happened before. He must have confronted a rumor spreader? Then he finally spoke and said. "in drama 3...." and I knew all was well. It was all make up. He had to buy me a Kneaders frilled cheese sandwich ad part of his repentance. I like the kids grilled cheese over the adult grilled cheese FYI. Medicinal of course.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

A really awesome Friday 13

5 am on Friday the 13 I got a phone call inviting me to prepare to meet Kaylee. She wasn't born yet but would be soon. I sent my own birthday boy Joseph over to sleep the rest of the early hours over with big brother Jack. Laura had worked for the last 12 hours then was admitted to be "augmented" in labor. Her water was broken and she was given a tiny bit of pitocin and our new little love was born at 9:55 am. It was such a huge blessing to be there. Steve and I were in either side of Laura and I was even asked to cut the cord, which I had never done before. Im so thankful to Laura and Steve that I got to be there to witness the miracle and beauty of life. I kept thinking back 19!!! 19 years ago I was in exactly the same situation with my Joseph. It's easy to forget those things---
Right outside Laura's delivery room window, the spires of the temple kept reminding me how me how awesome this whole experience was. What an amazing day.