Friday, January 27, 2012

By their fruits ye shall know them

This past week was much longer and more difficult than I expected. I wont go into detail on everything, but Joseph was not able to make it to the MTC on Wednesday as expected. As of last night he was released as a full time missionary. He still has the opportunity to serve in Florida when he and the Bishop decide its time.

Since Wednesday morning we have had a couple of different responses. Mostly there has been an out pouring of love and support. There has been some anger, and disappointment and even some anti Mormon ideas thrown at Joseph. The love and acceptance from our family, and the Bishop and stake president have been monumental. Some brave souls have even come to Joseph to offer love and kindness. That is HUGE for this mama. Of course we wanted Joseph to go on Wednesday, Of course we want him to go when "the time is right"--- but my biggest fear is that he will be treated poorly and slowly walk away from the church.

Which leads me to the question- Have I helped or hurt others when the shoe is on the other foot? It is awkward to know what to say, it is not what any one planned. What I have seen help in the last 48 hours is people that express love and confidence with out asking prying questions, and letting Joseph know he is okay with them regardless of his choice.

David, Joseph and I have had several scriptures come to mind over the last few days. When I saw the onslaught of responses on fb to his not going into the MTC, it came over and over to mind, "Ye shall know them by their fruits" We've mostly seen angels with beautiful kind and loving Christ like "fruit", but we have seen the dark and ugly and destructive as well.
I'm learning anew how to share loving fruit and be a true disciple of Christ.
Thank you to those that read my blog and have shown support for our family. It is really weird and different than we expected. But the battle is the Lords. I can only hope to be a help and not a hurt.


Dixon Family said...

Joseph and the Lord will work this out... I have full confidence in them both! Your family has borne "good fruit" for your own family, friends and neighbors--ALWAYS! Thank you for your faith, and I pray we can be the true friends you need!
Love to you!

Karie said...

Life seems to be one big battle sometimes; we sure need each other to lift and support us in such times. You have always been so positive and uplifting, I am so glad to have you for my sister! Things will work out.