Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Sunday January 22- part of my letter to AJ says it all

We got to church just 5 min early, but the place was packed and as we walked in, I saw all the Haws side sitting together in two of the short benches in the side. It was so heart warming. I gave a few hugs, then went to find where Kim and Jacob were sitting. I saw President and Sister Raines then the Dixons- that got me weepy. Later the Fuestons came in. Jacobs buds from the Lehi ward were there-- it was really good, along with many guys Joseph's age. Randalls family, Cheryl, Garrett and Jenny and Clark and Sara were
there too. I know it wasn't about me, but I felt so blessed to have such a strong and numerous family. They are my people and in a way, my safety net. It was very touching.
Joseph gave a great talk with humor and much deep spirituality. I know he was worried, but he pulled it off beautifully. To add to the happiness one of the cute laurels was on the program too and they sat by each other. It was kind of like a date. ;)

Angie pope and Natalie Pixton both miamaids came to my class even though I wasn't teaching. They are beautiful girls. Some of the others went to our house during the last two hours of church, and honestly we missed Sunday school for all the visiting we did. But those that went home prepared the food under Jacobs instruction, so that was awesome for me. All the buddies played ping pong and ate downstairs while family pretty much stayed near the kitchen. It was all great and i think the day was perfect for Joseph. We ended with the shirt and tie party at the grands. They hadn't been able to make it to highland.
It was good! Not too crazy.

Friday we went with Joseph to do sealings which got me weepy again. To realize again I am sealed to both of these wonderful men is very very humbling and very tender.

Joseph just came up to is in tears of gratitude and some apprehension but his is faithful and stronger than he realizes.

It will be an interesting week but I look forward to your letter and update tomorrow . Hope your baptism is still on for next week.

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