Thursday, January 19, 2012

A fight?

The other day I was in the basement sewing. Well I was sitting on the couch down there so I must have been picking out sewing.
Sorry forgot to set this up right. Tuesday night Jacob came home from the y m activity. He wasn't really feeling part of this ward. To add to the burden he found out that rumors were being spread about him at LHS. Completely false rumors. So he was really down. We made a medicinal trip to applebys for their warm chocolate
Chip cookie with ice cream dessert. (David was in Houston). Jacob talked a lot to me and seemed to feel better.
Now skip ahead to Wednesday afternoon. Joseph and I are talking downstairs and we hear some one moving around upstairs. I said "is that Jacob?" Joseph said I think so and he looked up the stairs from the landing. Then he looked at me. Then he looked back up the stairs and said "what happened?". Slowly Jacob came down the stairs very seriously. He looked like he had a burn or abrasion on his neck and bleeding something on his forehead, and bruises and wounds on his other arm. I immediately thought he had been in a fight. A fight??? A fist fight? It's never happened before. He must have confronted a rumor spreader? Then he finally spoke and said. "in drama 3...." and I knew all was well. It was all make up. He had to buy me a Kneaders frilled cheese sandwich ad part of his repentance. I like the kids grilled cheese over the adult grilled cheese FYI. Medicinal of course.

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