Monday, June 23, 2008

Just thinkin

I am just wondering if I am going to make it to Hawaii in 2008. Would it be too much to hope for another trip in 2009? Just wondering.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A typical night

It is not uncommon that I am the first one to start settling down for the night. I love to chill for awhile before the lights go out. Often, Dave is still involved in things, so Aubrey will come up to my room and we will watch food network. Such was the evening last night. I was dutifully doing my chill out stuff (stitching or reading) and Aub comes in to hang with me. She believes the 50% middle of the bed is her spot. That is usually OK until Dave comes in. Inevitably he has to use a little sliver of the bed to start chilling too. I was on my side, Aub in the middle and Dave on his side. After teasing Aub about taking up the bigger percentage of the bed, I decided to wedge myself between Aub and Dave and re claim my rightful spot by my husband. I rolled over Aub and went face down between those two. Everything seemed like it worked right, but then I realized Aubrey had not moved one inch and there was a plopping sound on the other side of me. Now because I was face down, I am not sure, and I don't really want to know, what happened. But when I looked to his part of the bed, Dave was gone. I started laughing so hard, no sound came out, only my shoulders shook. Aubrey was busting up and Dave slowly stood up laughing too. We laughed for a long time... one of those tears-down-the-cheeks type of laughing. Dave refused to tell us if he really had been shoved out of bed. But not to worry.. after the laughing was completely in control, I used my legs to move Aub farther to the north, and nobly defend my man. it was just a funny thing that happened on my typical night.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Indulge me for 50 seconds

We have been in drum lessons for awhile, and I had heard many a drum practice, but I recently watched my boy do his thing. He looked very good and like he knew what he was doing. So I share with you now. We are in the middle of using our garage for a storage unit while we attempt to finish some of the basement, so the garage is a complete mess... what ever...

Monday, June 2, 2008

One more post before I forget

The other day my sister and mom were going to send a box to Niece Robin in Washington. I had been to the high school a few nights before and saw a girl with cute flip flops on. I made friends with her, asked her about them and made some for Robin. So here they are

Pixton attack

On the day of Aubreys graduation from Lehi High School, we had the great opportunity to bring a smile to our favorite two Lehi High bigwigs.. Mari Braithwaite is the Vice Principle and Darci Bugden is the high school officer. They know all three of my girls and it is so fun and great to be friends with them. Incidentally, Mari grew up in Huntington Beach, same stake that I grew up in. Her big brother was one of my friends. We know a few of the same people from HB. She is awesome and will be so missed as she changes positions in the district. Thankfully Officer Bugden will still be there to keep the next group of Pixtons in control at the high school. "Pixton Attack" was a spontanious idea and it was a good one

Dave wisked us off to Sundance ski resort right after we had the celebratory family out to dinner after aubs graduation. It was so beautiful and a perfect decompression spot for the last day of school. Here are a few pictures