Saturday, August 4, 2012

An amazing experience

Last spring I heard about a woman's retreat that was going to be near my house. It was going to be held at the end of July which seemed so far away. I have been out I my groove for awhile and I hoped this might help me out. So I went and it was great.
I wasn't there 30 minutes before two ladies in my group told me they had been in abusive marriages. I heard women speak of their addictions, as well as the plague of porn and the wake it leaves. "my problems we quickly put into perspective. One night we had a fireside with Kenneth Cope. He sang the whole time and I was close (with in a few yards) so I could watch his hands while he played the guitar. It was great in so many ways. There was such beautiful spirit there. Went I got in my car to leave the news was on the radio, I felt the world come back into my life. It wasn't good.
After months of being a little lost, somewhat apathetic, I came away from this retreat with motivation and focus and a determination to be happy-- really happy. I've made goals having to do with my attitude and my relationship to my Father in heaven. My heart has been softened-- humbled, all in a positive loving way. It's hard to describe. I'm so thankful I went, and though they might say some of the same things next year- id sure like to go again. The last day was salon day and this picture is a few of us when we got back to the retreat.

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Karie said...

I wish I had been with you! Sounds like a wonderful respite from daily cares. I know your tender and loving presence added to the experience of all who were there.