Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Wow!! Angels among us

Just the other night, after a run of tough days, Dave and I were talking right before we fell asleep. I asked him "do you think there will ever be a time we go to bed happier than we thought we'd be- instead of being sadder than we thought the day would end?" (That sounds awkward, I hope you know what I mean)


Tonight is that night!! I know we are not finished with the day yet, but this day has had some great things! One of which is the package I received today. So fun. It will help in primary and in my life in so many ways. The creator of these books is our song leader in primary and she is so awesome. She has all those kids, and the teachers enthralled. What a delight!

Our Kimmie came by tonight. She is doing so well and she is so happy. No big announcements, but seeing her happy is so good for my mamas heart.

So I guess it's time to sleep now. This day ended up happier than I thought it would be, and I'm so thankful!

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Karie said...

You deserve all the happiness possible Connie, and that is what you have been promised. Hang in there, life is hard but there are so many amazingly joyful moments all along the way. I love you!