Thursday, April 21, 2011

Watch out pride TV

Last night, Joseph was messing with the fancy video camera that belongs to the high school. He had used it earlier in the week to make a video to ask a girl to prom. So while he had the camera up, I started talking to the turned off camera like it was taping for the prom-girl. I said something like "ok he's asked you out but I expect you to wear a modest dress. My son doesnt need any distractions from a girl that he thinks so much off. The world shows so much...." yak yak yak. You get the idea. Well as quick as a wink Joseph said. I need to make a film about mothers day. Can I just ask you some questions about mothers day for Pride TV? Pride tv is part of what they play during second period for the whole school as they make announcements. So with 30 seconds of preparations we made a little film. He says it will play tomorrow at LHS. After we were done, I thought of all the other things I could have said. Oh well. Joseph did end the video with giving me a kiss in the cheek. Wonder if that will make the editing cut. I'll try and pos the video if I can get it. I'll let you know.
The picture is of the video camera screen. Didn't come out very good

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