Sunday, March 7, 2010

My sick boy

The situation- Joseph went snow boarding on Friday night. He was content to stay home 
and do homework most of Saturday. He did go out with some buddies 
Saturday night. When he got home at midnight he complained of bad body 
aches and having the chills. He felt feverish.  Sunday morning he 
reported not sleeping well due to his body aches. He only got minimal 
relief from Tylenol. Joseph stayed home from church. After church 
joseph came and laid down with David and I for the afternoon nap. He 
kept flinching in pain and moaning. His pain was under his ribs up 
high on the right side, about the size of his hand is the size of the 
area of pain. He still felt warm. Dave and I decide to take him into 
the ER.

The dr examined the teenager and orders a few tests including a chest 
xray and a throat culture. (Did he have a sore throat? Oh ya just a 
little one when he swollows)

The diagnosis-Strep throat and extra intense body aches especially 
where he fell when snow boarding.

The treatment- amoxicillin, tylenol, and ibuprofen, plenty of 
liquids, no school tomorrow. Lacrosse only as tolerated, after Monday.

Weird unexpected diagnosis but so thankful it was simple. After we got 
home I diagnosed and medicated myself with excedrin. Strange how the 
mama-ness can give me a headache. Hope my boy sleeps soundly 
tonight. It's been a rough day.


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