Monday, March 1, 2010

little love Katie

I have a little niece named Katie. She is a little love and warms my heart. If you ever visit my “POTD” blog, you see Katie now and then. Some of her recent gems really have me smiling. You have to know that she and I have the same little conversation each time we are together. It is always about my jewelry. First she checks to see if I am wearing my necklace. She used to ask me where I got it and I would tell her David gave it to me. Now I ask her where I got it and she says Dave gave it to me. She has since referred to my husband as Connie’s handsome Dave. She then likes to check out my earrings. I usually have to take them out for her to inspect. Sometimes she asks me where I got them.
With the recent Joseph play event in our life, I brought a tape of Jacobs’s dress rehearsal to my parents’ house so they could see what he was involved in. Four of Krista’s kids saw the movie that day, and then Krista rented the Donny Osmond version of the movie. When Katie (Krista, correct me if I get this wrong.) was watching the movie she saw Donny and said- “That a girl?” After a few seconds she said “That a boy. I like him” Whenever he was not in the scene she would say something like, “Where he go?”. The multi decade power of Donny Osmond…. All I have to say is wow.
I stopped by Krista’s house on Saturday to return a book,

Austen land which I very much enjoyed. Krista then passed on another book also by Shannon Hale called A Thousand Days- I read it all in one night.

Anyway while I was there Miss Katie showed me her parachute and sang me a song. “I look handsome I look smart….”
She is so good for the soul of this auntie/empting nest mama

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