Monday, March 1, 2010

Theater Ballet performance

Friday afternoon I was chugging along doin my thing, planning the big rocks in my weekend. Everything was going fine. I even had a date lined up for that night. Then David called me to tell me our Saturday night plans were really our Friday night plans and we'd have to call on our awesomeness to get it all switched.

let me back up a tiny bit. In December, we ordered tickets for the BYU Winter Fest. (it was called something like that) Each night a performing group from BYU would have a show at the Conference Center in SLC. Back in December we thought we would have Aub, Joseph and Jacob come with us. We had 5 tickets. We thought the show was on a Saturday, but nope, the show was that very Friday.

So with Saturday plans becoming Friday plans, I knew I'd have to check with A J & J and talk them into going on short notice. I also always like to get my hair done before a show like that so I don't look like the frumpy, (yet non-criminal) mother.

Aubrey had plans, Joseph had lacrosse and Jacob was not be the last man standing. It ended up that Dave and I attended the production alone. I did get my hair done, but had to pay more than I thought, whatever..

When we went in, we sat on the third row. A very cute family with 4 girls sat in front of us. I'd say they were between 10 and 3 years old. When I told them my daughter was one of the 'stepsisters' in the Cinderella dance, their eyes got really big and and happy. We became friends. The three year old did whisper to her mom, "they, (meaning the dancers) show their shoulders!" I KNOW! tell that to the BYU dance department. Maybe the outfits are kinda like swimming suits,... kinda....I was impressed with that cute mama. The girls also told we she had 'alot of young women' so I know she was an awesome mom to those four littles. They also devulged that baby Isaac was out walking around with their daddy named Jake.
After the show Dave found Kim and introduced her to our new friends. It was really cute.

The show was very fun and cute. I did think it was a little bit of "jenny and megan" show as the same two girls seemed to have all the spotlight parts. And the last piece was a million years long. it was called "lay sew feeds" well, that is how I say it. Its really a french word.

after the show both Dave and I were starving. We tried to find a place to grab a bite of non-fast-food. Using Dave's nifty gps was fun but didn't find us a satisfactory place to stop. when we were almost home, we stopped in Draper and found that Ruby Tuesdays was open till 12! yay! we were sooo hungry. Even though my taster is out of service, I was so thankful to get something warm into my tummy.

So here's a few pictures of the night. please notice the overly priced hair do- ahh it was tons more cool than can be photographed ;0


Tabby Grey said...

Scott went to this show and he said he saw Kim. He said she did GREAT! Just thought you'd like to know.

Dixon Family said...

Love your hair! Glad you had a fun date!

Chelsea said...

lay saw fields? Ha HA HA HA! One of these days I am going to be able to see my kimmy kim kim dance at BYU. TIll then, I am glad that I have your updates and pictures to keep me going.