Thursday, March 25, 2010

Six thumbs up or thumbs up all around

You may know already, but for the last several years we have
"Tex- Mex Tuesday" almost every week., for our dinner. We usually
have, in decending order- enchalada burritos, soft shell tacos or
crockpot salsa chicken.

I recently decided to have
" breakfast-for-dinner" on Mondays. Here's a recipe I saw and tasted
at a Maceys cooking class.
Stuffed french toast.
2 loaves of cheap squishy bread
8 oz cream cheese
1/4 c white sugar
A little vanilla
Your favorite mixture for french toast, like eggs milk and vanilla.

Combine cream cheese sugar and vanilla. Mix well.

Put a few tablespoons on the center of a few slices of bread. Top each
with another slice of bread. Use a cookie cutter or a little sandwich
maker to cut the crusts off the bread. You could use a fork to crimp
the edges if you want. You want to seal the edges of each little
packet. Dip each packetpocket in the french toast egg mixture, and
cook up in a skillet just as you do regulate french toast. I kept the
first few warm in the oven. I served them with warm maple syrup much
to the delight of the men in the family. Everyone votes I make these

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