Thursday, March 4, 2010

God made a symbol of rainbows long before anyone else

Yesterday I went to the activity day meeting. We had all the girls 8-11 there and it was a little trying. But we got through ok. I guess I feel kind of drained in a couple areas of my life to feel 100% all the time... (if you've spent any amount of time with me I'm sure I've whined about it to you). Anyway, my partner Sister Taylor and I are helping the girls prepare for an activity day recognition night. The parents will be invited to attend and it's kinda a big deal. Our theme is March leprechauns, magic, and gold at the end of a rainbow. We got most things rolling but wondered about refreshments. We thought cupcakes are kinda in their glory so we could go with that. I called the local grocery store and frosted cupcakes are $4.00 for 9. I know... Not for a dozen.... Weird. Ok we have about 25 girls, two parents each- 3x25= 75 cupcakes. Quick math tells me I could get 90 cupcakes for $40.00. I figured I could make up a couple or 5 batches of cupcakes for the recognition night, at a fraction of the cost. They would also fit the theme better if I made them awesome. So I tried my idea. Make up one white cakemix, divide equally. I figured about 3/4 c of mix per color. I colored each part and put each color into a Ziplock bag. I cut off the tiny corner of the blue bag and squiggled some blue batter into the cupcake liners. Then I layered on some green cake batter, then some yellow, orange and ended with the red batter. I baked these babies and here is the result. I topped each one with some whipped cream with almond flavoring. The boys couldnt keep their little mits off these. It was pretty cool

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Karie said...

those cupcakes are so cute! Nice going Connie, who needs bakery cupcakes??? I seem to feel a sister's day demonstration in the future.