Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Quality vs Quantity

I come from a pretty big family. Dad, Mom and seven kids. I happen to be number 5.

When I was younger some people we knew used to tell my Mom, at times in front of us kids, that she had "quantity" kids while they had "quality" kids. The two ladies that said this to my Mom had 2 kids each. I think it was said a little in jest, but I know it hurt my Mom. We as the kids always wondered about it. I don't think we ever believed it cause to us, having a big family was a good thing. We didn't go on as many cool vacations or had as many fashionable clothes, but we were happy and those things really didn't mean that much to us.

Fast forward to all us kids being grown up. Every week many in my family play together. We get together on Sundays for dinner and once a month for dessert palooza. We go out to lunch together, we meet up and do stuff together. My family that I was born into is such a huge blessing in my life. Other people join us for these events and appear to love being with such a big group. Anyone that shows up more than once is immediately an honorary member of our family. I'm so thankful for my big family. I'm so thankful we are involved with my great nieces and nephews, and that my kids have a great association with cousins.
While the Quality vs Quantity thing still kinda stings, there is no way I will ever believe a big family is not quality!

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