Wednesday, October 27, 2010

What I'm glad we had

In a very odd twist of fate, 3 out five of us ended up with the stomach flu early Monday morning. Thankfully, it was only a twenty four hour deal. While we were feeling awful I was so thankful I had at least some of these comfort items. I record this here for me to remember and for anyone else who needs a few ideas. Laura is making a list too so we can compare ideas. The first item that was used was some Listerine. I had been using a little bottle as a gargle to keep sore throats away- well it came in very handy to rid my mouth and throat of some very awful tastes. Gatorade was the first thing that seemed to even be appetizing so I'm glad we had that too. Of course easy to use soap and hand sanitizer was good to have. Later, 7-up and crackers then ramen was perfect to have. As I type this I'm thinking maybe it's too much information. But really when no one wants to go out, and those that aren't sick don't want to be home, it was great to already have these things here. So I went out today to replenish supplies.
Hope this info helps your life

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