Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween 2010

I'm really not a huge fan of Halloween, but there are a few fun things about the holiday. I'll tell you just one- Joseph has been saving his money for a monkey costume. He is sure he will use it *all the time* plus he wanted to pull a Halloween silly at school today. His buddy was going to be out in the lunch area and start to peel a banana-- enter Joseph. A chase scene and they both run out of the building. As Joseph tried on the costume I called him "power-line" from a goofy movie- and told him not to get detention. I saw the movie, I know how it goes. (As a perspective thing goes, its so awesome to see my boy being light hearted and having fun instead if having anxiety issues like he's had in the past)

It's 10:46 pm and I don't know how the monkey thing went. He went to his last night working at cornbellys- a corn maze place in Lehi. I'm pretty sure he didn't get locked up for the prank, I never got a phone call.

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Laura Bowles said...

hehe thats awesome! fill us in on how the prank went!