Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I called his mom

I called his mom Another year passes and I of course remember the day my friend died on his mission. I am an old, very happily married lady, but each May 13, I remember that heartbroken 17 year old girl I was. I've had more than a few sad dreams about that time so its easy to recall the
sadness. I also think of this missionarys mom and wonder how she's
doing on this date.
I mentioned something about it on a facebook page "people who miss
elder Kent Williams" and was invited to call Kents mom and let her
know I was thinking about her. Wow. I hadn't thought of doing that.
The last time I saw her was at the graveside service in Vegas in 1981
So I did it! I called her and she did have a good day, well she had
foot surgery- but from a sentimental perspective it was good. I was so brave to look passed all the years that were between us. We
had a nice little visit. You all know I'm a wimp so I hope you are
as impressed with my courage as I am :)

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Karie said...

Yet another reason to be proud of my little sister. Love you Connie