Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A good morning

This morning I was able to go see LHS production of Aida. Overall the show was fabulous. All the performers reminded me of how much talent is right here in little Lehi. The female lead was especially impressive. As with the only other time I have seen this play, the song "The Gods Love Nubia" was by far the most powerful and emotional part of the show. Right before this part, the captured Nubian slaves, including Aida, find out that their King has been captured by the Egyptians. It is also a part when my heart aches for Aida, because the King is her father. She sings this beautiful song to bring hope to her fellow Nubians. I couldn't keep the tears from coming down. The scene when a loyal Nubian gives her life to save Aida is great too. Wow! To have such a great leader that the followers would die for... amazing really.I was there with the jr high drama class, and I'm not sure if I'll go during it's regular run this weekend and into next week. It is sad- and mostly cause I've been too sensitive lately. (If David wants to go
I will too, but it really is heart wrenching.) The costumes were mostly good and the set was great too- not too much to up stage the story, so to speak. So if you've never seen this show or need a good weep make your way to LHS for a fine show. If you can't make it, YouTube "the Gods love Nubia" to get a feel for the power of that song.

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