Monday, November 16, 2009

When I am in charge of FHE

David did come back from Houston on Friday night, and I'm sure today
at work was a very busy clean up day. To add to the craziness, some
people from Houston are coming in this week- so today is the day to
prepare for that too. Dave said he might be late tonight, as well as
most of the nights this week.

Last week I gave a solo lesson for FHE but it only lasted about 5
minutes. (we talked about GENSHAI) We then listened to the BOM CDs
while we drove to get shakes.

This week I wasn't sure what to do for FHE.

Well, as I was thinking another what to talk about for fhe I sat down
with my guitar to practice for my lessons. We have some Christmas
songs so I called my boys in and told them we were going to sing
Christmas songs. Then the light bulb went in- Joseph went and got a
few of his drums and Jacob started playing the acoustic guitar, while
I had the steel string guitar and we started rocking out. We played
all the songs we both knew from my music, but our hits of the night
are feliz navedad- up on the housetop and jingle bells. The drums were
pretty loud and I figured we should quiet down by 8:00 so sadly we put
the things away and Dave missed the performance. I don't think our
neighbors were as lucky.
It was a very crazy family home evening.

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Blue said...

sounds like a load of fun! ♥