Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A strange Tuesday assignment

David and I were asked if we'd like to help out at the multi stake dance that was tonight. Out shift was only one hour from 10-11. We had a different job every 15 minutes. First was check the empty rooms- all clear, the second task was to check the parking lot. We did find one steamy window car that Dave knocked on the window till the young man came out. Our second task was roam the dance area- no problems there, then our last zone was the kitchen. Dave caught a young man (not the steamy window fella) trying to make off with a huge bag of candy and he hunted him down. It was fun to tease that kid cause he kept coming back to the kitchen. When we were in with all the dancing I remembered many of the feelings I had at dances from long ago. Talking talking talking with friends, avoiding some guys while trying to catch the eye of other guys, wondering if I chose the right thing to wear etc. It was kinda weird to remember those things.
For the record, neither one of my teenage sons went to the dance. I think knowing we were going to be there scared them off- wimps.
It was awesome that some of our sons buddies talked to us and some of the young women from our ward were friendly to us too. That always makes me feel like an acceptable "adult" when that happens.
It really is neat that we have friends in each age group as our kids.

How's that for a strange Tuesday night activity for David and I?

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Holly said...

Been there, done that too, weird feelings but good to be there with your one and only sweetheart on your arm.