Thursday, September 22, 2011

What's a cat lover to do?

heres the story! Last week I was downstairs sewing. One of my favorite things to do actually. Sweetie kitty and even Oz like to jump up on the counter and jump out the window, then jump up to the grass level and play around. The window by the sewing machine is the only place they can come and go as they please, as long as the window is open. There is obviously no screen on that window. So all is going well, when I run upstairs for some reason. Just as I come down the stairs I see sweetie-kitty coming in the window with a SNAKE in her mouth. She sometimes catches snakes and brings them to the back door. The snakes have always played dead, and we scoop it up with a dust pan and throw it in the bushes, only to have it disappear a few hours later. So when I saw her bring in this snake in, I figured, ew, gross, as soon as she drops it, it will play dead, and we can throw it outside. Ummmm, nope. She put it down, and it slithered about. I froke out and called to Jacob, Joseph and Jenner (a bud that hangs out here sometimes) Jacob used a piece of interfacing to grab the snake and throw it back out to the window well. I didnt want it that close, but I did want it outside the most, so I was ok with it. So..... I calm down about that after a few days. I figure it was a fluke, an innocent cat thing to do. Okay.
Well, this morning, I woke up after taking a sleep aid and felt really happy that I slept ok with out David here. I sat up in bed and heard sweetie kitty under my bed. I checked my email on my phone, and my schedule. When I went to get out of bed, I saw a little shocking something. A snake all coiled on my side of the bed, on the carpet. It was thankfully playing dead or it was dead. Joseph was the only one home with me at 8:30 am, so I got off the end of my bed and ran down the stairs to have him come help me. He lifted it up and examined it, and said he could tell it had been bitten or hurt somehow--- He flung it out by the hydrangas. I went in to get ready for the day and saw a little crime scene where the tail was left and a little blood was on the carpet and the tile---I cleaned up the crime scene and took the rug out to the garage. I was, again, FROKE OUT!!
I broke all the rules, but getting peanut butter M & Ms and a twix and went shopping at RodWorks, a home decor place near by. Im still a little frazzeled--- I think the kitty found the snake in our garage and brought it in through the kitty door. UGGGGGGHHH--- maybe we have to lock that kitty door for a while. sheesh

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