Sunday, May 20, 2012

A very very good night

Tonight has been one of the very best nights for awhile. We were able to spend some time with an Elder that has been serving in the same mission Joseph was called to. He is home for some medical treatments. Though he has only been a missionary for 4 months, this Elder is wonderful and powerful and humble and very much an angel in earth. He is still a set apart full time missionary and came over with a great spirit to strengthen and comfort and bring hope to us all. It was an amazing night Words can not describe all that was communicated. Joseph is making progress and still wants to serve in Florida, and this night was certainly a high dose of ....? Happiness? Motivation? Hope?
I am so thankful.
Elder Dumas now has an extra aunt or something to send him stuff when he gets back out to Florida ;)
I'm so thankful

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Karie said...

It's amazing how much good we are capable of by just loving each other!
What a wonderful evening for all y'all. We love you!