Sunday, October 28, 2012

the state pen outfit?

I've been asked to see or repair lots of different things. Baby blankets, costumes, hem pants, fix rips, baby blessing gown, quilts, matching dresses for my three little girls, and a Christmas tree storage bag. Yesterday I was asked to repair a prison inmates jumper. I'm hoping its the last one I encounter. Actually this ones nor so bad. It's a costume, not a daily worn outfit. Jacob is using it for his job at corn bellies. I'm not thrilled with this job-- I'm not thrilled with Halloween... But he likes it and it will be over on Tuesday! For the job Jacob also has colored contacts which are too weird. Sometimes when he comes in at night I can't even look at him. He gets his face painted and I can't even recognize my own kid.
Time is slipping away we have Halloween, then a short trip to Houston with David. My birthday :) then the election.... Yikes ... Then Jacobs show, thanksgiving, another trip for David to Germany-- then... Then... Yep. AJ gets back!! We may have a missionary leave in there too!!
So we have a lot going on to be sure.


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