Saturday, October 13, 2012

UEA at Disneyland

For a couple of reasons we decided to make the quick trip to Disneyland for the UEA break. It just happened to be during a time that sil Steve would be traveling so that meant that Laura and her littles could join us. We also were honored to have Kim's friend Aaron join us. He hasn't been since he was really little. We really wanted to help him have a good time. We all laughed a lot and made some great memories. Dave and I spent most of our time with Laura and company while the other 4 ran around at their own silly pace. The World of Color was so beautiful and rather nostalgic.
I realized the reason I like color is because there are so many colors. Pink wouldn't be so awesome by itself- its because there is green and yellow and orange and red and all the other colors as well. I don't know if I said that right. But it was great. I honestly don't know if I could do this quick 4 day trip many more times. I certainly feel my age when I'm on my feet for two days straight. Kaylee and Jack made the experience really awesome. Both littles danced all the way through Small World. It was awesome.
David took such good care of us all and arranged great accommodations. Now it's time to be home and rest up for a bit. Laura will be here awhile longer then Dave will be traveling for work. October is going to slip right through my hands. In some ways that's ok. :)