Friday, February 12, 2010

A cat post

We have far too many kitties at my house. However, they have provided
much entertainment and laughs and even a little therapy during their
stay. To lighten up a bad mood all that has to be said is "imagine
stinky ( that's code for midnight the geezer cat) driving that truck
next to us". That usually cracks the huffiness. Then we usually carry
on in this manner till we are all laughing, thinking of stinky doing
all sorts of odd silly things.
Well we decided to get a kitty door put in. They all had figured out
how to push or pull the door open enough to snake in or out if it was
not completely closed, but that made the kitchen too cold, and the
house less secure. So the kitty door came. David put it in lickity
split. Shortly after that David had to go out of town. So for fhe the
boys and I did a little kitty training, (and a little Dave Ramsey talk
too) It has been a little slow going but we are determined. All
kitties have gone in and out on their own and I try to give them
treats when they do. The boys think it is so funny. Sweetie figured
it out first and will really do anything for some tuna. Stink can do
it but we are most surprised that oz has man-ed up and can do it too.
He was very nervous. It's not their favorite way to get in and out but
it works and it keeps the cold out.

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Robin said...

I love this post. Poor little Oz, always thinks the world is out to get him.