Monday, February 22, 2010

The haircut

There are only a few good things about a play ending. The aftermath of
the show closing is usually different levels of discontent, sadness
and boredom on my students part. We lived through it with Aubrey and
now it's Jacobs turn. The good things are things like I get to see my
kid more often, and there is actual time for *chores* :)
One good thing that both jacob and I look forward to is getting his
hair cut. That happened today. I have been feeling lousy tiday so
decided to take him to walmart with me. That way he could get his
haircut while I shopped for some airborn and cold-ease. I gave him
the money and went to buy my stuff. He surprised me with his cut. He
had told the lady "#5 all over" and that's what she gave him. Just a
clipper cut. It's not even long enough to spike. Poor fella. Now he
knows he needs to say- "#5 on the sides and blended on the top"

live and learn my son.

He found a solution on his own.

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defining amy said...

this is such a great picture!! jacob really was so awesome in the show, and i'm super excited to see more of his productions. you have some talented kids!! have a great day. i might have to email you a few more pictures from the play.