Saturday, February 6, 2010

a new friend, but I really don't know her

I think I make friends pretty easily. I am friends with the tellers at the drive thru bank. I am friends with my kids teachers and their friends. I make friends at the cooking classes I go to, and can be friendly with the checkers at the grocery stores, or the post office, and the fabric store. I can talk to almost anyone and given enough time, make them a friend. This past week I have made a new friend, but I haven't met her yet. Her name is Sarah. She is a young wife, and a mother of 3 boys. She lives in Provo. This is how it happened.

Last Saturday night we were meeting my siblings and parents at Tucanos for dinner. As we were gathering, Krista came over to tell me of a phone call she had just gotten. It was from her 8 yr old daughter reporting that a neighbor they know had had a very bad accident with their one year old in the bathtub. The baby had drowned. The ambulance had come. At that point, in Tucanos, we didn't know how accurate the report was but hurt at the possibility of the event. Later that next day, Krista sent out a text telling me that there was a blog written by the mama of the family and that the blog could keep us current with their family. So I started reading the blog. Her little Bronson is at Primary Childrens Hospital. Each time I read I thought how easily it could have been me, or someone I do know, with a child and a bath time tragedy. I worried for this little mama. I teared up at some of her thoughts and messages. I prayed for her and her family. Last night her blog posts ended with some really sad and dismal feelings. Things weren't looking as promising as they had thought. Today I kept checking the blog thinking that the longer it goes till the next entry, the worse things must be for Baby Bronson. Then I just checked the blog and there were several posts. I haven't read them all but was completely amazed and moved by her post on choosing faith. What an incredible strong spiritual woman she is.

Take a look at her blog and add your prayers and faith for this little family. What a difficult painful experience for them, no matter how it turns out.

So Sarah is my new friend. Maybe it's the bond of being a mother that connects us, or it's cause I've loved a bunch of one year old babies... I don't know.

Maybe someday I'll meet Sarah, until then she will be my friend I haven't met yet.


Laura said...

I opened the link to your blog, knowing that what I read would make me bawl. That poor family! I'm so impressed with how well they are handling things. I'll keep them in my prayers!

Karie said...

Connie, you still amaze me after all these years. You are the best friend anyone could have, whether they have met you or not. One of the best compliments my husband has ever given me was when he said I'm becoming more like you. I love you Sister!

Robin said...

I just read that blog earlier today and sobbed through it all. baby Bronson is just a few weeks older than my Jude. I just keep hugging both my boys every chance I get today, so grateful for them. I think they're getting a little annoyed by me :) But that doesn't stop the hugs, HAHA!