Friday, March 25, 2011

A few of my recent favorite things

Well, I really like reading other peoples *favorite things*. Unfortunately the one gal that sometimes blogged about some of her favorite things bumped me off her blog-- oh well. So now I share just a few of my newish finds.
* the bodycology bubble bath is the most satisfying bubble bath I've used in my awesome bath tub.
*skintiment in-shower shaving lotion, or maybe moisturizing lotion makes my legs nice and smooth and nice to sleep with rather than the prickly alternative.
*Boogie wipes I found these at Walmart and maybe even at Maceys. They are grape scented baby wipes. My little friend seemed to not mind being cleaned up with these wipes. First time I used them on Jack, he wanted to put them in his mouth. Thankfully, they don't have any flavor because that would cause more problems than they solve.
There ya have it, a few things to try upon my happy recommendation.

1 comment:

Karie said...

thanks Connie, the bubble bath is tempting, I will have to try it.