Saturday, March 12, 2011

Me and a new friend, day 15

Ive been feeling a little sheepish about this post.  Its supposed to be a picture of a new friend and me.  A friend that I have made this year.  I'm not confident enough to ask any of my new friends if I can snap a picture, so I decided Id write about the new friend I have found in Kale.  Yes, the vegetable. 
Aubrey works at a smoothy place and they make green smoothies.   I've come to like them, because its a great easy way to make sure I get my 5 a day in.  Though I always use coupons, they are still kinda pricey, so sometimes I make my own green smoothies at home.  Start with a handful of raw spinach, a few little handfuls of kale (just the curly part, not the stems) any fruit, Ive used a frozen bag combo from Costco, and  a little sweetener.  Aub uses agave, I often use splenda.  Add in enough water and a little ice and blend as smooth as your machine will get it.  Not bad drinking Id say. 
I do have a few new real people friends this year, honestly.  But I guess my closest new friend is really a veggie : /

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