Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A very special gift

Aubrey gave us all things from her mission for Christmas. What a joy. She gave me scripture covers!! That's what I was hoping for. She chose the pictures to be put on them. On the Bible is a very favorite picture of mine. Awhile ago David took our family to the Carl Block (?) art exhibit at BYU. The picture there of Jairus' daughter being raised from the dead truly touched my heart, so of course love love love this story and this picture.
The back cover on my Book of Mormon is what she called "your temple" meaning where David and I got married. I asked for covers for my seminary scriptures-- yes the books from 1981. I love those books cause I have and can mark them up. AND cause I knew I'd get 4 pictures instead of only 2! AND because I have a very cute (kitty print fabric inside) scripture carrier for my big scriptures. Love them all so much.

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Tabby Grey said...

What a beautiful gift!!!