Wednesday, June 2, 2010

It's who ya know

Tonight David and I were in Orem signing silly papers for the upcoming
move and the kids called and asked what was planned for dinner. Well,
I'd been involved with activity day today, and then the quick trip to
Orem so I hadn't taken care of dinner for tonight. They said they
would figure something out, so David took me to a near by thai
restaurant. Laura and Steve have gone there often so I was happy to go
there. I wondered what laur and steve really liked there, so I texted
her for the information. She didn't answer right away. When the
server came I asked her if she knew Jack. She started to tell me that
she really didn't know her customers by name, so I said that Jack is a
baby. She said "Jack? Oh!! Jack! Ya! His picture is on our fridge". We
talked about how awesome he is and later the manager came out to talk
to us. She watched Laura and Steve go from newlyweds to expectant
parents to a family of three. They all love S. L. and Jack at that
place. They totally knew what Laura and Steve order, so we got the
same. We really really liked the massaman curry.

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