Friday, June 25, 2010

something I wrote 18 months before I met my future husband

Part of the fun of packing up includes finding long lost boxes. We found a few jewels yesterday and I was surprised with this one. What do you think? How close did I get?

Love and marriage
March 4,1981
Connie Haws

The man I marry will need to fulfill a lot of hopes I have for him. I, first expect him to be the same religion as me and have the same standards. He will need to have a lot of self confidence, but not any self conceit. He will have to have the ability to get along well with others, even if he really doesn't like them. He will need to be crazy in love with me and think a lot of me. I hope he has the power to be the leader of our home and the leader of me, but not so much hat he stunts my self esteem to be my own growing worthwhile thinking person. He must have the attitude that we will be together forever and that whatever comes along we together as a team to handle it. He must love families and children. I'd like him to have a good reputation as a strong leader, a great friend, and a totally honest trustworthy person. More important than the reputation, he has to really truly be those things. He must be attractive to me and must find me attractive also. I hope he is the romantic sentimental type who will always treat me as a lady. And hold me as a woman on a pedestal. He's got to make me feel protected and also help me feel like I want to be my best at everything I do. He must be fun loving and happy. He must be gentle, and very loving, and very very sensitive to my feelings. He must have the knowledge to help educate our children. He must have a strong ambition to make life work for us, and have a good stable job so we don't have any trouble with money. We don't have to be rich, but we should have enough so we can have a good life. He needs to be well balanced in his interests so we can try new things. He should like outdoors and participating and watching sports, but not over me. We should be each others main concern and feel as though we would do anything for each other. We have to be best friends.

My kids thought is was pretty close to what I got. Dave read it and said, "thats what I try to be everyday" riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight, hes already there my friends. The kids think the gem of the day was Davids yearbooks and pictures in them. I'm wondering if its right to post those pictures here....He had great hair- lets just leave it at that

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Karie said...

I think your kids, and Dave, got it right, he is already there ~ at least from my perspective. Nice going Connie, not only are you a great catch, you got one for yourself!