Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A sad day- Midnight, Big Kitty, Stinky, The Professor--

Today Joseph and I ran off to get his wisdom teeth stitches out first thing this morning. While we were out, I asked if he had seen any of the three kitties this morning- neither of us had. It's a little out of the ordinary but not unheard of. When we got home we started getting ready to meet the aunts and cousins at the park. Joseph called to me while I was putting DI stuff in the van. He said he had found Big Kitty and that he had died behind one of his favorite plants, in the front flower bed. Joseph was very sad. Jacob came out and saw what has happened, I went in to get a towel and a box to put him in We called The Dad and he helped Joseph a little bit. Jacob lifted Stinky out and put him in the box. I couldn't look at him too long, cause it was so sad. I hope he left peacefully. He was a good little pal for all of us for the 16 years we've lived here. I knew Stink wasn't healthy and wondered if he was in pain. He was blind in one eye, and he had that limp from a broken leg-- and he must have had teeth issues cause his breath was really bad. He had gotten really skinny recently. I knew the move would be a little hard on him, so at least he escaped that--- the boys talked of taking him to the canyon to bury him, but they opted to bury him in the back yard. I hope the new owners are cool about that. I remember seeing a cartoon of the family circus where there was a map of the home and yard and lots of pet burial spots were pointed out. It's the sign of a happy pet loving home. I reassured my kids it was ok to be sad about Stink leaving cause it shows their soft hearts. My Dad told me long ago that God gives us pets to help prepare us for when loved ones, who are people, die. A tough lesson that hit home on this sad day.


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Karie said...

Sweet story Connie, I love Joseph's soft heart. And Jacob has one too, just not so close to the surface.
Love your whole family!