Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My little girl is 27

Monday marked a special day. All day long I was thinking about what I was doing 27 years ago at the same moment of the day I was living now. Does that make any sense? 27 years ago I had my first baby. My Laura. The beginning of a whole new education I thought I was prepared for-- and I still think I was in lots of ways but not all of them.
Laura spent her 27th birthday on a huge boat with her two best boys. I'm glad she had a great special day but I missed her. I missed making her a cake or going out for lunch. This birthday thing is more a mama thing than I ever realized.
Happy birthday my girl. Thanks for helping me learn how to be a mama and making your dad and my dreams come true. You are wonderful and beautiful and amazing. We both love you more than you'll know

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Laura said...

Aw :) I love this post :) My hormonal pregnant self teared up once again :P It was very odd to spend my birthday away for me too! Maybe we'll have to do a "birthday" lunch while Steve is gone :)