Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Will sew for surprises

well, it should say, will sew for happy surprises. Everyone that sews knows that sewing comes with a few frusterating surprises.

I was asked again this year to help sew for the jr high play. I really enjoy it and this year I sewed for 3 different kids, a few pieces each. Some pieces were a little tricky but I was able to turn in the last piece today. When I walked into the drama room to give the teacher the dress, I saw the other costumes there and some of them were ones I had sewn. It was a happy thing to see them. The deadline for the sewing was tomorrow, so I was happy to get the dress done this morning. I still may get to sew more, w'll see. I do need time to sweep and mop and feed my family and catch up on laundry. Ive just been baby-ing those jobs along. But I do enjoy the reason to hide down in the basement and sew with Dr Quinn on TV.
Last week one of the moms of a teenager I sewed for brought me flowers!! LOVED THEM!
Then today, a Dad of another of the actors brought me this!! WOW! NICE! well yes, of course Ill do something that challanges me and that I enjoy for treats! :)
It was a happy surprise! Ill try to post the pictures I took in the drama room of the things I sew-ed... I sewn? That I prepared on a sewing machine.

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