Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A pinterest inspired recipe

Have you heard of "pinterest"? It's kind of new and kind of weird to figure out, but it's really fun. It's kind of like google images in that you type in something you are interested in and pictures come up under that topic. There are people you "follow" and who "follow" you, kind of like *friend* on Facebook. So I can search organization and pictures with their original link come up. If I just go to my main page all the recent "pins" that my friends have marked come up. It covers lots of topics

SO! Here is a pinterest inspired idea. Homemade caramel is pretty much kryptonite to me yet I had to make some. I used gala apples I had and they were pretty good. In the back are some fast caramel apple slices-- er I had a meeting to get too. Whatever. Wish I could have made just half a batch cause all that caramel is still calling my name.

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