Monday, October 17, 2011

So that's where they are

Joseph "hit the button" to do his part in his mission papers on September 16. It's been a little slower going than I ever would have predicted. Today I got a call from the stake missionary secretary. (a man in our stake that handles the leg work on the missionary papers that come in?) he said the dr hadn't filled out all the papers correctly so he, the man in our stake, couldn't do his part of the submission. I raced over and got the papers that needed more info, raced to the Lehi clinic then back to the mans house. I was so glad to get this glitch smoothed over in one day. Joseph still needs to visit with the stake president and we've been asked to wait for that invitation----- waiting..... Waiting..... BUT at least we know what stage the papers are in. I asked the man that called what the process was after I got him the completed papers. He said he needs to put the info in the computer, then Joseph will need to see the stake president. Then it will be up to 3 weeks for the call to come. Ok! Good to know. So there's the update on the papers. Btw, Joseph is wanting to keep his hair long curly until he goes to the temple. Eye yie yie.....

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