Sunday, January 24, 2010


We had our 3rd out of 4 cake decorating class yesterday. I decided to
make cupcakes this time around. My cake last week was a cake extender
recipe that really did not go far in this house. I actually used the
low fat stuff, (applesauce and eggwhites) in a chocolate cake mix and
added chocolate chips to each cupcake this time. They were received
much better. I still think the decorator frosting is gross and
scraped off the stuff before I ate any cupcakes. Here's a shot of how
things transpired with the cupcakes.

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Laura said...

I hope the boys liked their clowns :) I'm thinking about being rebelious and using half butter and half shortening for at least the cake frosting (maybe not the decorating frosting). I think it would taste much better :)