Monday, January 25, 2010

My next trick

Jacob asked me today to help him with his hair for the photo shoot
tomorrow. He needs an "Elvis" look. We messed with lots of goo and
gel and still don't have a clue how get this look. Jacob hasn't cut
his hair since he found out he was in the play, as the teacher has
requested. We have lots of hair to work with yet I think Mr Presley
had more hair-- it's really a very tricky task. We actually went to a
nearby hair cut place to have them show me how to figure out this do-
not much help there. Another kicker is that the photo shoot is
tomorrow, but the show isn't until the middle of February. Will Jacobs
longer hair make this an easier task? Will I remember anything I did
today when it comes to do it for the performance? Will Jacobs hair
drive me crazy as it gets bushier?
More info (and updates) to come -I'm sure

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