Saturday, January 2, 2010

One of my Christmas gifts

A few weeks ago Dave and I were talking about what we each wanted for Christmas. I was teasing Dave and told him I wanted a gift of a new author so I could get into a few new books. Then I pushed him a little further and told him about the little sets of fabric pieces that are available, mostly in serious fabric stores, or quilt shops. There is the 'Jelly roll', and the 'turnover' and a 'layer cake' and also 'charm pack'. The beauty of these babies is that they all include at least one piece of fabric from a certain line, so they all match yet are all different. When I'm doing some projects, theoretically, this is exactly what I want instead of going to a fabric store and buying small amounts of fabrics I try to match up. On Christmas morning I received so much fabric from my honey. It was amazing. He went into a quilt store and got them all by himself. I was so surprised, and even shocked. He was a very good husband to do that. So? what am I gonna do with these beauties- Ill tell you when I'm done with the projects.

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