Tuesday, January 12, 2010

until i figure out my camera

I got a new camera for Christmas, which is awesome! I was feeling lousy awhile after Christmas, so I didn't really have energy to mess with the camera, and spent January 1 all tucked in my bed. As my friend Edee taught me, I had planned on doing a "picture of the day" for 2010, but totally forgot when I was all tucked in. I remembered on the 2nd, and started to take pictures just with my phone. It works better that way anyway since its so simple to upload from my phone to a blog--- anyway I started a new blog called picture of the day or something, here's a link if ya ever want to check it out


go easy on me, I know Ill miss some days-

But this post is really about the Eagle Court Of Honor my boys were involved in this past Saturday. All my pi cures are on my nifty camera. I am figuring out how to get them on my computers, so until then I will share this picture taken that night. It is a picture that makes me really happy. It is me and my best girlfriends in the ward, well, Michelle moved out, but she was in the ward. We are all here with our grand baby boys. Jack was so sad and tired, and he talked Michelle's Damon into fussing, but Lisa's Kalvin was happy as a clam. I loved celebrating that night with my dear friends who also had boys being honored as Eagle scouts. It was a great night, much better than I has supposed. I'll post a whole thing on that night when I figure it all out-- wish me luck

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Tabby Grey said...

It's o.k. if you miss a day here or there, just fill it in with a "generic" picture of something around your house like what your bed side table looks like or something like that.

By the way, I saw your husband looking at the cameras at Costco and thought it might be for you, you lucky duck. Have fun with it!!!