Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Another new recipe

Costco snagged me with a sample of the pandaexpress orange chicken
sauce a couple weeks ago. I bought the sauce.

So tonight I cut up some chicken, cooked it through on the stove top
then poured some of the sauce on top. As I slipped it into the oven to
keep warm, I realized what I had prepared would probably not be enough
for my three guys. I quickly started to defrost and cook up more
chicken. I also started the veggie part of the meal. I prepared the
thai peanut sauce with the coconut milk, and pored some on top of some
sauté ing mixed veggies. The veggies turned out really well. Jacob and
Dave had two servings. Joseph had none- huge surprise ;). Overall the
two dishes we received very well. Next time I'll use less sauce on the
vegs. The boys finished eating before David and I, so I asked Joseph
to put away the extra chicken and Jacob the extra rice. They both
chose just to finish up the food rather than put it in a ziplock--
funny boys

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