Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Basa body stick ala coconut oil.

One of the things I really like about spring and summer is that there
are so many cute shoes to wear. This leads to cute nail polish too.
And more reasons to get the foot massaging pedicure. :). But sadly
wearing the sandles and flip flops leads to a bad thing- rough ugly
feet Not This Year! I hope

My little sister Krista married in to a family that is really very
charitable. Her in laws have been helping some people in Africa for
years. (they also own the human slingshot in springville- google it)
The in laws are actually living in Africa right now. They live every
day helping the African people. I don't know all they have done, but I
do know they provide "micro-loans" for some very poor people. Another
one of their ventures is selling coconut oil that is ahhh? ...
produced (?) in Africa. I recently got the two items available. I'll
tell you how happy this one makes me. It's the pure coconut oil stick
Every night I put some on the rough parts of my feet and put little
cotton footies on on top. So far my feet have avoided the typical dry
edged cracked skin. (I hope wearing the socks to bed aren't too hard
on the marriage)
I'll keep ya posted how the skin softening part is working as
I'll start to wear the cute feet-exposing-shoes more and more for the
next 5 or 6 months. I hope it works. Maybe I'll still get the
dremmell to sand my feet smooth.

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