Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My newest project

Back in January I went out to one of my favorite fabric stores in
Draper. They were set up with all the new for the year classes. I saw
a quilt block made up of some fabric I liked and saw that it was a
block of the month type offer. (BOTM). It was $10 a month for the
material and the instructions to make 12 different blocks through the
year. If you actually made the block and brought it into the store,
the next botm kit would only be $8. I thought it was a good project
to join - so I signed up. The financial insentive to knock out each
botm was a great plus for me. Plus! All the fabric was pre selected!
(kinda tricky for me) Plus! It was fabric I really liked. So I got my
January kit home- looked through it and realized all the instructions
were based on using a template kit! Cheesh! (Templates use a little
cut-around piece of plastic instead of cutting each piece to a certain
demention like a 2 inch square, does that make sense?). I think
templates used to be popular, but not so much anymore. I go back to
the store and they are out of the templates.... What? Anyway I just
picked up my March kit at the end of last month and am working on
block #3. It won't be done for 9 more months. I'm sure to have a few
projects come and go before I can show you this finished baby.

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