Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I'm still a wimpy crying mom

Today had a few surprises in it. One of which was going over to the old Albertsons, for the grand opening of the new FreshMarket. Joseph and the percussion section of the Lehi HS band were going to play there. Jacob and I just finished a surprise scout physical and went over to see Joseph. They had a little ribbon cutting, and Jacob and I were sure to be on the outside of the official ribbon, so we didnt look like ribbon jumpers. The cutting went along without a hitch, and then without much warning the drummers came in playing really loudly. When I saw my boy, the tears started coming but I squelched them pretty well. It was really pretty dramatic and loud. I caught a little bit on tape, but it really doesn't catch the whole feel of the event. (I mean the drumming event, not the ribbon cutting for a store that has been open for about six months.) Later the teacher had them play a little bit outside and Joseph had a surprise drum solo. He tryed to get out of it, but then just went for it. He ended up busting one of the drum heads. (A drum head is the tight top of the drum.) He started cracking up when that happened, as well as the other drummers, and happily so did the teacher. That was the happiest I have seen him while playing drums. It did my heart a world of good.

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Karie said...

you are a great mom Connie, one of the best I know!