Saturday, July 17, 2010

Hawaii. The first day

*timing* has not been our strongest suit this year- none the less the scheduled vacation time has arrived. We had a pretty good, yet long, flight. Everyone took care of themselves and helped with the little guy too. Jack did great! All day he was a little trooper. There were a few glitches getting the rental cars that made the actual settling in rough but we got here safe and everyone is happy. We'll stay in Oahu a few days. Were in a great place. Clarks in one room, Kim Aub in another. And Dave and I and the boys in another. First impressions- flowers IN trees!! Funky trees- Got to see rainbow in the rainbow state the first day

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Laura Bowles said...

the bowles family is jealous! we wish we were in hawaii! glad you like it so far and that the car rental glitches didnt ruin your vacation! looking forward to more posts soon!