Monday, July 19, 2010

Our Sunday

Today had a few jewels that I'd love to share. Got up, went to church and found a beautiful old large building. At the end of the meeting, after the prayer, the congregation stood and sang a traditional song to a departing couple in the ward. It was very sweet and loving, and sad. Ee stopped at pearl harbor but didnt stay long. We went to see where Kim lived when she was here, then to the Temple. While in the visitor center, I really thought sitting down somewhere comfortable and cool would be nice. I saw someone open the door to a big room I figured was for a nice church film to be shown in. I called to the fam to see if they wanted to see a film. We went in among a bunch of Hawaiians. When they started I realized we has invited ourselves to their extended family home evening. They did show a movie- Remembering Kirtland- which we all enjoyed. There was a beautiful spirit there and we joked with them later about not realizing it was just their family thing. It was very good- a rare unexpected jewel of am experience. We drove around BYU-H then went by Temple Beach. Kim said they sometimes do baptisms there. The sand was soft and the water warm. It was a nice day.

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Karie said...

It looks like you are having a great time Connie, and I am glad you are taking so many pictures. I want a travel-log report when you get back!