Wednesday, July 21, 2010


After 3 1/2 days in Oahu seeing the visual offerings in Kauai came as a welcome relief. Not that Oahu is not beautiful, but it also is so big city, has heavy traffic, and difficult parking. I woke up to a more tranquil setting and had breakfast with a great view. We spent time in the room and around the grounds, then ventured out to go surfing. The 4 middle kids had gone out close to where we were staying earlier and all but Jacob wanted to go back out. David and Steve went out and made a great effort as well as Kim and Joseph. Laura and I didn't bother with the board rash on the tummy and arms not to mention the sunburn risk. While we were waiting I was playing with Jack There was some drumming in the nearby park so we walked over and saw some sort of hawaiian dance class going on. There were about 5 adult drummers and 20ish kids between 6-15 doing the hip shaking moves. the guys in the group were doing the guy moves. It was interesting and I would have watched longer, but I felt like an intruder. I ended the night stroking little man Jacks arms, legs and back. He fell asleep as we waited for his folks. That is incredibly satisfying to this granny. Oh ya, speaking of granny, see if you can see my shadow in the picture. Teeshirt and hat! You can call me shade-seeking-Connie.

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